Hanging in Queensland

Queensland was - believe it or not - the first part of the British Empire to abolish capital punishment. That happened back in 1922, before which time a total of 94 people had been judicially executed north of the Tweed - all of them by hanging.

These pages tell the fascinating story of executions in the 'Sunshine State'.

The Executed Prisoners
Information about the 94 people who were executed in Queensland.

The Queensland Hangmen
Learn about the nine men who served as the official executioner in Queensland.

The Hanging Towns
Which Queensland towns hosted executions in the 19th century? Find out here.

The Hanging Process 
A look at the physical process of hanging in Queensland.

Capital Punishment Laws
Learn how Queensland became the first part of the British Commonwealth to abolish capital punishment.

Articles about Capital Punishment
A selection of interesting articles from BRGHS historians on the subject of hangings.

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