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Jan 20, 2016 0 comments
Do you have a story about Boggo Road that you would like to share on this website?

We are looking for material from members of the public who have a story to tell. This would include two kinds of material:

Personal reminiscences. Do you have a personal experience with the prison that you would like to share in these pages? This could be as a staff member, an inmate, a visitor, or a family relation of relevant people. Confidentiality can be provided if requested.

Family history. Do you have an ancestor who was in Boggo Road, as an inmate or staff member, whose story you would like to share here?

Submissions do not have to be long, and images are especially welcome too.

You can send your material as a word doc or email text to this address and if it is appropriate for the website we will format it for display. 

Please note:

  • We cannot publish potentially defamatory material as we are legally responsible for material published on this website. Please remember that a decision not to publish your material in these circumstances does not necessarily mean we believe that the content of your story is untrue. 
  • It is your choice whether or not we publicly include your name with your story. However, we will need to know who we are communicating with, to ensure that all material received is from a 'real person'.
Thank you. We hope to hear from you soon.

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