Boggo Road Escape Statistics

'Prisoner's Crossing' fake road sign, Boggo Road Gaol Museum, 2005.
The following numbers are a work in progress and represent incidents with documented details. There are several incidents recorded but with no background details to identify location etc.

This data was originally compiled in 2010 and is being currently being updated.

Total escape incidents: 76 involving 108 people
Total attempted escape incidents: 39 involving 74 people

Original No.1 Division (from inside)
8 escapes involving 8 people (male)
7 attempted escapes involving 9 people (male)

Original No.1 Division (working outside)
5 escapes involving 5 people (male)

New No.1 Division
11 escapes involving 33 people
9 attempted escapes involving 24 people (male)

No.2 Division
3 escapes involving 5 people (male)
9 escapes involving 25 people (male)

Women’s prison before 1954
1 escape involving 1 person (female)
1 attempted escape involving 2 people (female)

Women’s prison 1954-82
4 escapes involving 5 people (female)

Women’s prison 1982-99
4 escapes involving 4 people

No.3 Division
4 escapes involving 5 people

19 escapes involving 20 people (male)
2 escapes involving 2 people (female)
1 attempted escape involving 1 person

Under escort (hospitals, courthouse, etc.)
9 escapes involving 13 people
1 attempted escape involving 1 person

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