Sign over the gates of No.2 Division, Boggo Road Gaol, Brisbane.
For several reasons, we strongly advise people to wait until the heritage prison site has been upgraded and placed under new management before visiting.

Part of Boggo Road is currently open on an interim basis, and we expect that the prison will close for refurbishment in the near future prior to a full reopening.

Boggo Road was managed for many years by not-for-profit organisations who established it as a successful cultural tourism destination. Unfortunately the site is currently managed by a small business that gained access after a secret backroom deal with then-premier Campbell Newman in 2012. 

The Newman experiment with private management at Boggo Road has failed badly. Tour prices have risen by as much as 450%! School tour prices are the most expensive for prison and justice sites in Australia. Site hire fees are through the roof. Promised jobs and revenue have not materialised. The community organisations that initially made the heritage site a success have been frozen out out. Grossly disrespectful commercial activities - such as 'ghost hunts' - have been held inside the prison. Tour material has been shown to include fake history.

The businessman currently running Bogo Road has also subjected volunteers and community groups to serious but baseless legal threats, as well as engaging in bullying and harassment against individual women. This behaviour only ceased after police and magistrate court intervention.

For all these reasons, we ask that people wait until Boggo Road has been refurbished and is under new management before visiting the place. We appreciate that this may be inconvenient, but we are sure that most people would support the right of the volunteers and historians in local history groups to operate free from threats and bullying from private business.

Boggo Road deserves to be opened up to a fairer, respectful and better system of management.

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