The Future

The future of the heritage-listed Boggo Road prison is still under discussion. The current proposal is that it will form part of a wider $300 million urban renewal programme that includes a mix of residential apartments, commercial office space and a new cultural and retail marketplace.

Current redevelopment proposals for Boggo Road (click to enlarge images)


Under this plan, most of the former prison buildings will remain in place and be refurbished for mixed reuse, including dining venues and a heritage and arts precinct with a museum. The original 1903 buildings - including the three cellblocks - will remain and still be a public asset in the portfolio of the Department of Housing and Public Works.  

The October 2015 Draft Application proposals can be viewed here. The latest heritage report for Boggo Road (by heritage architect Dr Ruth Woods) can be viewed here (PDF 7MB). 

It is anticipated that a more inclusive, community-focussed approach to site interpretation will be adopted when Boggo Road reopens, bringing new voices and innovative new ways of telling the stories of the old prison. The Boggo Arts & Heritage Alliance is developing original management plans to help achieve this transformation.