We encourage the public to wait until Boggo Road has been refurbished and is under new management before visiting the place.

Boggo Road was managed for many years by not-for-profit organisations such as the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society, who established it as a successful cultural tourism destination.

At the moment, parts of Boggo Road are open on an interim basis, and we expect that the buildings will close for refurbishment in the near future prior to a full reopening. Although the site is publicly owned, it is currently managed by a small business and the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society does not have access to present our tours and services to the public again, but we hope this situation will be rectified once the prison has reopened fully.

We believe that we can provide improved historical interpretation and develop Boggo Road as a truly innovative arts and heritage hub with better access for the community.

Public talks
We can provide entertaining and informative talks for your venue. Please see here for information on booking a public history talk from one of our speakers.

Queensland Prisons Museum
You can visit this museum within the Caboolture Historical Village to view great displays of prison artefacts.

Cemetery night tours
The Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society works in a community partnership with the Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery to present a range of guided night tours at the nearby South Brisbane Cemetery.