Heritage Gaols of Western Australia

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Heritage Gaols
Albany Convict Gaol
The Old Gaol, Cnr Stirling Terrace and Parade Street, Albany
Built 1852
(Albany Historical Society Inc.)
  - Website

Old Coolgardie Gaol
Bayley Street, Coolgardie
Built in 1916
(Shire of Coolgardie)
  - Website

Perth Old Courthouse and Gaol
Perth Cultural Centre, James Street,    Perth 
Built in 1855
(Western Australia Museum)
  - Website

Derby Police Gaol
Loch Street, Derby WA
Built in 1910
(Commissioner of Police)
 - Website

Fremantle Prison
The Terrace, Fremantle
Built in 1880s
(WA Dept of Finance)
  - Website

Roebourne Old Gaol Museum (and visitor centre)
Queen Street, Roebourne
Built in 1886
Shire of Roebourne
  - Website

York Old Gaol and Courthouse
Avon Terace, York
Built in 1852
(National Trust WA)
 - Website

Bridgetown Police Station 1880 Museum
115 Hampton Street, Bridgetown
Built in 1860
(Bridgetown Historical Society Inc.)
  - Website

Old Cue Gaol 
Cue Caravan Park, Austin Street, Cue
Built in 1896
(Shire of Cue) 
 - Website

Geraldton Gaol and Warder's Cottages
Cnr Chapman Road and Lewis Street, Geraldton
Built in 1859
(Old Geraldton Gaol Craft Centre)
  - Website

Greenough Courthouse, Police Station and Gaol
Clinch Place, Greenough
Built in 1870
(National Trust WA)
  - Website

Guildford Old Town Gaol (with courthouse)
Guildford Heritage Precinct, Meadow Street, Guildford
Built in 1841
(Swan Guildford Historical Society)
  - Website

Lynton Convict Hiring Depot 
Henderson Terrace, Lynton via Horrocks
Built in 1856

Old Toodyay (or Newcastle) Gaol
Clinton Street, Toodyay
Built in 1864
(Toodyay Shire Council)
  - Website


Broome Old Police Lockup
Carnavon Street, Broome
Built in 1894
(Shire of Broome)
  - Website

Busselton Courthouse and Police Complex
4 Queen Street, Busselton
Built in 1860
(City of Busselton)
  - Website

Cossack Police Quarters and Lockup
Perseverance Street, Cossack
Built in 1898
  - Website

No image available

Exmouth Police Station, Lockup and Quarters
Maidstone Cr, Exmouth

Highgate Hill Police Station, Lockup and Quarters
57 Lincoln Street, Perth
Built in 1897, 1916
  - Website

Menzies Police Quarters and Lockup
Wilson Street, Menzies
Built in 1902

Midland Junction Police Lockup
25 Old Great Northern Highway, Midland
Built in 1898
  - Website

Morawa Old Police Station and Lockup 
Prater Street, Morawa
Built in 1937
(Tourist Information Centre) 
  - Website

Mount Barker Museum (Police Station and Gaol) 
Albany Highway, Mount Barker
Built in 1868
(Plantagenet Historical Society)
  - Website

Mount Gould Old Police Station Group
Carnarvon Meekatharra Road, Mount Gould Station via Meekatharra
Built in 1880s
  - Website
No image available
Quairading Police Station, Lockup and Residence
8 Parker Street, Quairading
Built in 1911
  - Website

Justice Museums

Francis Burt Law Education Centre and Museum
Old Court House, Barrack Street, Perth 
Built in 1836
(Law Society of Western Australia)
 - Website

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