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17 December 2017: Mums and Dads Pay a Hefty Price at Boggo Road - A very telling graph reveals how much various 'crime and justice' heritage sites around Australia currently charge school groups to visit.

11 September 2016: 'Weddings, Parties, Anything… At Boggo Road, It’s All Been Done Before' - How volunteers established Boggo Road as a successful heritage site before 2006.

30 May 2016: 'Stop the Rot at Boggo Road' - The true cost of continuing with the 'same old, same old' at Boggo Road...

1 February 2016: 'Welcome to 'Inside Boggo Road' - An introduction to our new website...

27 November 2015: 'The Case For a Boggo Road Cultural Hub' - Why Brisbane's Boggo Road Gaol could and should become an innovative and brilliant cultural hub...

25 February 2015: 'Campbell Newman's Boggo Road Bungle' - How former premier Newman made a backroom deal with a small businessman to undermine community groups and short-change the Queensland public.

23 October 2014: 'Destroy All Your Books... Or Else: When Small Business Attacks Historical Societies' - An extraordinary attack on local history volunteers by a small businessman.

8 December 2013: 'Campbell Newman Ignored Recommendation for Boggo Management Change' - How Premier Newman ignored the failure of installing private management at Boggo Road.

8 February 2013: 'The 'Fair and Equitable' Failure at Boggo' - Broken political promises and private sector greed raise their ugly heads at Boggo Road.