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The Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society (Inc.) was created as an incorporated association in 2003 by a handful of volunteers who worked at the Boggo Road Gaol Museum, some of them since 1992.

Since our formation we have grown to have 300 members and undertaken a massive amount of not-for-profit heritage work both at the gaol and out in the community.

Read on to find out more about us, our work, how you can join, or how you can help us out with your donations of stories or artefacts.


Why not join the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society? We offer generous membership benefits and a chance to support our important work.

  • Generously discounted prices on the 'Inside History' range
  • The 'Boggo Road Bugle', a regular members' newsletter keeping you up-to-date with happenings in the BRGHS and Boggo Road.
  • Regular email updates with the latest news.
  • Be a part of projects such as the Queensland Prisons Museum.
  • An invitation to attend our social events and BRGHS meetings. All members have full voting rights and are eligible for election to the management committee.
  • Help with our community stalls

How to Join

Send us an email or download and return this membership form

Annual membership costs $12 ($10 conc.)

Three-year membership costs $30 ($25 conc.)

Ten-year membership costs $120 ($100 conc.)

The History of the BRGHS

In July 2003 the handful of volunteers who had worked at the Boggo Road historical site and museum for up to 11 years formed the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society (Inc.) as an incorporated association with the aim of protecting and researching the old gaol. Ex-officer and museum manager John Banks was our founding president.

While we were at the gaol we ran successful tours, maintained the grounds, installed exhibits, published books, hosted functions, paid the bills, and it was only through our hard work that Boggo Road was open to the public at all.

Although the gaol closed in 2005, we grew from a foundation membership of ten people to having around 300 members by 2013. These people come from a broad range of backgrounds and include former officers and inmates, local residents and history buffs. We still hold regular meetings, social events and community stalls while we continue our mission to protect and research the gaol. We also lobby government for the best outcome for the future of the gaol site, and hope to have a significant role at Boggo Road when it is properly reopened.

Our research has diversified to include various aspects of local history, and we continue to build and strengthen our working relationships with other community groups. We continue to publish books, and now conduct tours of the nearby South Brisbane Cemetery, ensuring that we always have plenty of work to do before Boggo Road reopens again.




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