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Price list and book ordering advice for Inside History publishing

Books can be purchased on this website via PayPal. Simply click the links on individual book pages to add them to your shopping list.

Direct deposit
Please contact us to arrange direct deposit payments to our bank account.

Our books can also be purchased by mail directly from the BRGHS. Orders sent in the mail will include postage and packing, so please contact us for a price on your order. Cheques or postal orders should be made out to the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society and sent to:

PO Box 6462, Fairfield Gardens, QLD 4103

Inside History books can be bought in a number of shops around Brisbane, including the bookshop at the State Library of Queensland. Ask about Inside History at you local bookshop.

All orders attract a postage and packing charge proportional to the size of the purchase.

Contact us for further information.


Absolute Fairyland: Heady Days in Dutton Park
RRP $8 (BRGHS members $5)

Boggo Road Heritage Walk
RRP $4 (BRGHS members $2)

Brisbane Beginnings 1: Dutton Park
RRP $6 (BRGHS members $4)

Brisbane Beginnings 2: Fairfield
RRP $6 (BRGHS members $4)

Dirty Dozen: Hanging and the Moreton Bay Convicts
RRP $8 (BRGHS members $5) 

Escaping Boggo Road
RRP $10 (BRGHS members $7) 

Hangman’s Walk: South Brisbane Cemetery
RRP $3 (BRGHS members $2) 

Hong Kong to Toowong: Chinese Burials
RRP $8 (BRGHS members $5) 

Houdini of Boggo Road: Life of Slim Halliday
RRP $6 (BRGHS members $4) 

Hanging at the Brisbane Windmill
RRP $6 (BRGHS members $4) 

Hungry Ghosts of Boggo Road: Executed Chinese Prisoners
RRP $8 (BRGHS members $5) 

Illustrated Boggo Road Dictionary of Prison Language and Slang
RRP $8 (BRGHS members $5) 

In Heavenly Garb: Ipswich General Cemetery
RRP $12 (BRGHS members $12) 

Intemperance & Train of Evils
RRP $10 (BRGHS members $7) 

In the Beginning: Early Years of South Brisbane Cemetery
RRP $6 (BRGHS members $4) 

Last Prison Standing: Brief History of Boggo Road’s No.2 Division
RRP $5 (BRGHS members $3) 

No Ordinary Run of Men: The Queensland Executioners
RRP $8 (BRGHS members $5) 

One & Only Boggo Road: History of Annerley Road
RRP $8 (BRGHS members $5) 

A Pit of Shame: Executed Prisoners of Boggo Road
RRP $16.95 (BRGHS members $12) 

Prisoners of Toowong Cemetery: The Petrie Terrace Gaol
RRP $8 (BRGHS members $5) 

Rock of Ages: South Brisbane Cemetery Symbolism
RRP $8 (BRGHS members $5) 

Shivs, Bongs and Boob Guns: Made in a Queensland Prison Cell
RRP $8 (BRGHS members $5) 

Shovelnose: Tales of the Brisbane River Sharks
RRP $8 (BRGHS members $5) 

Swinging in the ‘60s: Hanging Around Colonial Queensland
RRP $8 (BRGHS members $5) 

That Gingerbread Structure: The 1850s’ Queen Street Gaol
RRP $8 (BRGHS members $5)

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