'Inside History' Publishing

'Inside History' bookshelf, Brisbane bookshop.
'Inside History' was established in 2005 as a not-for-profit publishing project of the BRGHS. We aim to produce a range of interesting and value-for-money history books and booklets about Brisbane and Queensland.

Our publications are designed to be affordable and represent great value for money. They are compact in size (which keeps prices down) but they are well researched and have high word counts (no superfluous 'page padding').

After starting out in the prison history field, we expanded into a wider range with local history themes. Our prolific publication record speaks for itself, having produced 30 titles in our first five years. The books can be purchased online, at our community stalls, or in selected Brisbane bookshops.

We also aim to encourage local history researchers and writers, and are looking for people to join our team and add to our range. Please email us here if you are interested. 

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