Cemetery History books

Cemeteries are a tangible touchstone to our heritage. The people of 19th-century Brisbane now lie in these beautiful burial grounds, and their histories are our history. The Inside History range of Cemetery History books explores the lives of these people, as well as the stories behind some of our oldest cemeteries.

In Heavenly Garb: The headstones of Ipswich General Cemetery
Christopher Dawson and Tracey Olivieri (2012)
96 pages, with colour illustrations and endnotes
Only $15.00 (BRGHS members: $12.00)
Hong Kong to Toowong: Chinese burials in Brisbane General Cemetery 
Leonie Gane (2008)
64 pages with illustrations and endnotes 
Only $8.50 (BRGHS members: $5.50)

Rock of Ages: South Brisbane Cemetery symbolism
Tracey Olivieri & Christopher Dawson (2008)
76 pages, fully illustrated 
Only $8.50 (BRGHS members: $5.50)

In the Beginning: The early years of South Brisbane Cemetery 
Tracey Olivieri (2008)
48 pages, with illustrations and bibliography
Only $6.50 (BRGHS members: $4.50)
The Ghosts of South Brisbane Cemetery
Tracey Olivieri (2011)
40 pages with illustrations and endnotes
Only $8.50 (BRGHS members: $5.50)
A-Z of R.I.P.: South Brisbane Cemetery
Christopher Dawson (2011)
48 pages, illustrations 
Only $5.50 (BRGHS members: $4.50)
Hangman's Walk: South Brisbane Cemetery
Christopher Dawson (2007)  
22 pages with illustrations  
Only $3.50 (BRGHS members: $2.00)

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